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Marketing services for your business

Pipwick Marketing provides marketing implementation services for small and medium sized businesses on a casual, part time or project basis.

You may have a notebook full of marketing ideas to grow your business that you’ve just never got around to doing anything with. That’s where we can help – we specialise in implementing and operationalizing your great ideas (and we can also help you come up with some more) so you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business that need your attention.

We are practical and hands on. Our strength is rolling up sleeves and doing what needs to be done for your marketing initiatives - from planning and testing all the way through to measuring and reporting on results. We gauge our success on your success.

Since 2005, Pipwick Marketing has been offering a professional, flexible, knowledgeable and cost effective marketing implementation service to get the most out of your (sometimes) limited resources.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Recently I’ve been working on helping a client segment their database. The purpose was to identify some of the ‘low hanging fruit’ in their existing contacts and spend some time building relationships and communications to those who may convert faster.

It’s reasonably time consuming and made me wonder how this can be done more efficiently. Separately I received an email from LinkedIn talking about the retirement of the Products and Services section of their company pages and the introduction of LinkedIn showcase pages.

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How to Use Google Analytics

I stumbled upon this fantastic resource to share with you – 50+ Google Analytics Resources.

So many small organisations install Analytics onto their website and promptly forget about it. It is truly one of the most useful (free!) tools to tell you how your online marketing is going and you can set up goals to break down your results into individual campaigns.

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