I read with interest the other day that a recent Australia Post report reveals that consumers see their letterbox as one of the top channels for receiving effective advertising materials. This  is despite our increasing dependence on digital  – both in marketing and in life!

It occurred to me that proportionately  not many businesses use direct marketing campaigns any more and I am still a fan of them because there can be some cut-through using those channels that others appear to have abandoned.

So here are 4 tips for making your direct marketing campaigns effective:

  • as with any marketing campaign you roll out, make sure you set a goal so you can measure if it was a success or not. It must be something you can measure, not just ‘get more customers’ or make more ‘sales’. How many more customers? How many dollars worth of sales? And how are you going to measure that? Make sure your campaign has a code or voucher or some other identifying feature customers must use so you can track that this is where the sale or enquiry came from.
  • direct marketing campaigns, like others, can just be an informative piece to generate some brand awareness, but the ones that will help drive results will be the ones that have a call to action (CTA). Be very clear on what you want the recipient to do, and make it clear to them. It should be compelling, irresistible and a good tip is to make it urgent – make that offer have a use by date.
  • whether your direct marketing piece is a flyer in a letterbox drop of a carefully crafted letter sent with a folder full of brochures, make the design clear and make it stand out. Use colour, use space, use imagery that is going to catch the eye and make your piece bolder than the rest
  • it’s rare for a direct marketing campaign to be run once and generate good ROI. We’ve all heard the stats that people need to see things multiple times before they buy – and sometimes your direct marketing campaign is just a great reminder of your existence until the consumer is ready to purchase. So frequency and consistency is key. Whatever you can fit into your budget will be useful so that you are regularly making yourself known and when they’re ready, it’s you the customer will think of first.

Direct marketing is not for everyone – lettterbox drops are cost effective but less targeted, and creating a mailing list of relevant prospects can be a resource drain on time and paper. So consider whether it’s a medium that will appeal to you and your customer before giving it a go.

As always, if I can help just let me know. Or if you have any additional tips on direct marketing, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


image source: www.freedigitalphotos.net. Thanks guys!