If you’re using Facebook to promote your business and engage with your customers then a great way to keep it interesting (apart from updating your status with consistency) is to make sure you’re regularly updating your Facebook cover photo.

This big picture at the top of your page is one of the first things people see when they arrive, so make it eye catching at the same time as boosting attention levels on something you want to to share.

There are so many ideas for things to showcase that promote, inform and encourage your community to pay attention:

  • upcoming events that you’re involved in
  • sales
  • special deals or offers
  • new products, or existing products you want to highlight
  • use it as a call to action for someone to ‘like’ your page, subscribe to your newsletter, join in your competition
  • be a bit unusual or fun to keep fans interested (don’t you always hover over the Google logo to find out what they’re celebrating?)
  • you can make it informational – talk about what you do or who you help
  • or create a collage of images about what you’ve been up to, projects you’ve worked on, customers you’ve worked with
  • the possibilities are endless!

The current advice to update it frequently – monthly is ideal – and it is a great way to increase awareness on something you want your market to focus on.

As usual, I have some handy resources for you:

Also as usual, feel free to reach out with any questions. Happy image updating!