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Marketing services for your business

Pipwick Marketing provides marketing implementation services for small and medium sized businesses on a casual, part time or project basis.

You may have a notebook full of marketing ideas to grow your business that you’ve just never got around to doing anything with. That’s where we can help – we specialise in implementing and operationalizing your great ideas (and we can also help you come up with some more) so you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business that need your attention.

We are practical and hands on. Our strength is rolling up sleeves and doing what needs to be done for your marketing initiatives - from planning and testing all the way through to measuring and reporting on results. We gauge our success on your success.

Since 2005, Pipwick Marketing has been offering a professional, flexible, knowledgeable and cost effective marketing implementation service to get the most out of your (sometimes) limited resources.

Data, Visuals and Infographics

We live in an age of data and data collection. It seems that every day there’s something in the news about the volume of data being collected by organisations and governments, followed swiftly by concern about privacy and data breaches.

We also live in an age of social media. Individuals spend vast amounts of time online posting photos, watching videos, collecting inspirational imagery, updating their status, sharing interesting articles and much, much more.

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Testimonials as a Marketing Tool

I have often been asked about the value of testimonials as a marketing tool and I still don’t have a definitive answer. I sway between them being useful because they allow potential customers to ‘see’ some feedback when they’re researching a purchase, to feeling they’re a bit useless due to their bias. Because really, who is going to post a negative one on their website?

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Pros and Cons of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively new strategy for gathering leads and prospects. Its surge in popularity has been well documented, but what are the reasons it’s considered a good marketing tool? And what are the drawbacks of content marketing?

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What to share on social media

In my last blog we talked about which social media channels to use once you had decided your business was ready to  jump on board and you had answered several questions to determine whether social media is a good strategy.

This time, we’ll assume you have decided to go ahead and are now wondering what to share on social media now that you have this new marketing tool.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing has been on the rise in Australia in the last few years, and one research report notes that spending on content marketing in Australia is set to increase by 61%.

I’ve read a couple of good articles about this topic this week, and this great slideshow highlights some Australian companies doing it well (as well as gave me the stat cited above).

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