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Marketing services for your business

Pipwick Marketing provides marketing implementation services for small and medium sized businesses on a casual, part time or project basis.

You may have a notebook full of marketing ideas to grow your business that you’ve just never got around to doing anything with. That’s where we can help – we specialise in implementing and operationalizing your great ideas (and we can also help you come up with some more) so you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business that need your attention.

We are practical and hands on. Our strength is rolling up sleeves and doing what needs to be done for your marketing initiatives - from planning and testing all the way through to measuring and reporting on results. We gauge our success on your success.

Since 2005, Pipwick Marketing has been offering a professional, flexible, knowledgeable and cost effective marketing implementation service to get the most out of your (sometimes) limited resources.

Your marketing message is never about you

A few times this week I have been speaking with clients about different projects and what the intent of the message should be. It hasn’t mattered it it’s an email, a video, a digital ad or something else, it has always come down to one thing:

What’s in it for your customer?

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Target Markets and Buyer Personas

One of the first rules of marketing is to know who you’re talking to and often not enough thought goes into really digging deep and knowing your (ideal) customer.

Target markets are regularly identified but with quite wide, generic brushstrokes: senior level, xyz industry with 1-500 employees and an annual turnover of however many million. Sound familiar?

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The here and there of your marketing message

Recently I was reading an HBR article on how to really understand someone else’s point of view.

The article is written more from a leadership context and how to both influence and get the best out of people by making sure you understand what they may be thinking and feeling about a given situation or decision.

It makes the point that we often try to convince others from our assumptions based on our experiences. In other words, from our point of view.

In most cases, marketing efforts have that same flaw.
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