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Marketing services for your business

Pipwick Marketing provides marketing implementation services for small and medium sized businesses on a casual, part time or project basis.

You may have a notebook full of marketing ideas to grow your business that you’ve just never got around to doing anything with. That’s where we can help – we specialise in implementing and operationalizing your great ideas (and we can also help you come up with some more) so you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business that need your attention.

We are practical and hands on. Our strength is rolling up sleeves and doing what needs to be done for your marketing initiatives - from planning and testing all the way through to measuring and reporting on results. We gauge our success on your success.

Since 2005, Pipwick Marketing has been offering a professional, flexible, knowledgeable and cost effective marketing implementation service to get the most out of your (sometimes) limited resources.

Using Pinterest

Being mostly involved in B2B marketing I haven’t had much of a need for exploring Pinterest. I am interested in it, however, and found this great infographic that gave me everything I need to know in one lovely visual!

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The advantage of Facebook cover photos

If you’re using Facebook to promote your business and engage with your customers then a great way to keep it interesting (apart from updating your status with consistency) is to make sure you’re regularly updating your Facebook cover photo.

This big picture at the top of your page is one of the first things people see when they arrive, so make it eye catching at the same time as boosting attention levels on something you want to to share.

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Facebook Reach

The changing numbers of organic Facebook reach is impacting many a small business marketing metric. Here’s why.

Many organisations choose to have a Facebook page as a part of their marketing mix. It makes sense to do so in many cases – once you have ascertained this is where your target market are likely to be found, of course! It’s free to set up a page, mostly fun to maintain and offers a way to build a community, start some wonderful conversations and have a mechanism for instant polling and feedback. It’s important, however, to have a handle on the measurements you use to gauge success.

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What to share on social media

In my last blog we talked about which social media channels to use once you had decided your business was ready to  jump on board and you had answered several questions to determine whether social media is a good strategy.

This time, we’ll assume you have decided to go ahead and are now wondering what to share on social media now that you have this new marketing tool.

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Which social media should I use?

Social media has been around for a while now and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. But  there are still some businesses that haven’t yet embraced it as a cost-effective marketing tool.

So I am often asked by small and medium business owners whether they really need to ‘do’ social media and if so, which ‘channel’ they should use for their business?

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Twitter tips for business

I found this great slideshow on Slideshare giving 50 random Twitter tips for business to share with you.

With recent media coverage about the avalanche of content that consumers are faced with on a daily basis it’s important to make sure what you’re putting out there is getting some traction, otherwise you’re just sending messages out into the ether.  Read more

Not on the social media bandwagon yet?

I get asked a lot about why B2B organisations should be involved in social media, and am often told by those who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet that it’s really a medium for selling to consumers, not other businesses.

It’s true, a lot of B2C companies get some great traction in the social sphere, but there’s also some common ground when it comes to marketing B2B’s too – they are made up of people (and consumers) as well! And chances are those people are online in at least one of the many social media channels available.
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