We live in an age of data and data collection. It seems that every day there’s something in the news about the volume of data being collected by organisations and governments, followed swiftly by concern about privacy and data breaches.

We also live in an age of social media. Individuals spend vast amounts of time online posting photos, watching videos, collecting inspirational imagery, updating their status, sharing interesting articles and much, much more.

I regularly hear about the rise of Instagram over Facebook for millennials (because everyone loves a good image) and I will confess, I myself am rather addicted to the joys of Pinning these days!

So this got me thinking: how to capitalize on the rise of data and the popularity of visuals?

The infographic!

I’ve read lots of marketing articles about infographics, but I’m underwhelmed at the use of them as a marketing tool – I just don’t see them all that much.

Then I found this infographic that explains the value of infographics (confused yet?) and you can see down the bottom the top regions searching for this term, Australia doesn’t rate a mention. That might be why I’m not seeing them much…

But, consider some of the information it imparts – the human brain processes images faster, images are very often shared online, infographics are images and therefore are easily shared.

Isn’t this what you want from your marketing? Your (subtly) branded content, looking fabulous and showcasing your value add and expertise being shared around the web?

So, does your business have data to convey that will help your customer see the value you can add? If the answer is yes, consider an infographic.

Before you dive right in and find someone to create one for you, there are some simple rules to remember:

  • Create a story around it. Just dumping data into an image with the odd icon isn’t going to cut it
  • Keep it simple. You want your viewers to understand your message at first glance without having to read too much.
  • Make it interesting. Just because you have an infographic, doesn’t make it great. Be fascinating.
  • Aesthetics – good colour, good font, good layout. Make sure it looks good.
  • Share it! Make sure you have a plan for how you’re going to get your awesome looking infographic with fascinating information out to the masses.

Let me know how you go – I like looking at them, so show me what you’ve got!