Recently I’ve been working on helping a client segment their database. The purpose was to identify some of the ‘low hanging fruit’ in their existing contacts and spend some time building relationships and communications to those who may convert faster.

It’s reasonably time consuming and made me wonder how this can be done more efficiently. Separately I received an email from LinkedIn talking about the retirement of the Products and Services section of their company pages and the introduction of LinkedIn showcase pages.

As is usual when you start to be interested in something, I then notice references to it everywhere! On Twitter I came across this article on all things LinkedIn. It’s jam packed full of links to articles that help you set up LinkedIn for your personal profile and for your company profile, to maximise your efforts.

Many of the businesses I work with are B2B, so for them, a presence on this professional network is a must. If you’re not on there, have a read of some of these articles to understand why you should be – and how to set yourself up.

Back to the Showcase pages – one of the articles specifically talks about how to use LinkedIn showcase pages  and the part that interested me the most was the ability to segment your products and services to that you can deliver the right information to the right audience. Many companies have multiple service offerings that cater to different buyer profiles. Using the showcase pages to, er, showcase your individual products and services helps to ensure the correct service is linked to the correct buyer profile.

As one of the comments after the article mentions, this isn’t exactly new as you’ve always been able to segment your audience on LinkedIn via your company page, but this is clearly the way forward on this tool. So it’s well worth the time maximising it so the multitude of contacts on LinkedIn are able to find the service from you that they want quickly and easily.

Segmenting your database AND segmenting your products and services. Sounds like some efficient marketing to me.

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