A few times this week I have been speaking with clients about different projects and what the intent of the message should be. It hasn’t mattered it it’s an email, a video, a digital ad or something else, it has always come down to one thing:

What’s in it for your customer?

It’s always very easy to come up with product speak or company speak (and it’s all very samey, isn’t it?) The language is convoluted, often evasive and always more verbose than it needs to be. It’s easy to launch into a description of what you’re doing/launching/winning – I suspect because you know inside out what you’re up to and have less insight into what your customers are all about. It’s easy to talk about yourself. Unfortunately,  in most cases, your customers just don’t care.

So when creating your marketing message, remember these two questions should be answered first. And by first I mean straight away –  in the opening paragraph:

  • what customer problem are you solving?
  • how are you solving it?

Once those two questions have been answered, launch into your best ‘this is who we are, what we’re launching, what we’ve won spiel.’ Because by answering those two questions first, you’ve caught the attention of those you’re trying to help with your product or service, and if they’re still interested, they’ll keep reading.