I have often been asked about the value of testimonials as a marketing tool and I still don’t have a definitive answer. I sway between them being useful because they allow potential customers to ‘see’ some feedback when they’re researching a purchase, to feeling they’re a bit useless due to their bias. Because really, who is going to post a negative one on their website?

I suspect the answer lays somewhere in the middle because I have in fact ignored them, ridiculed them and also let them sway me into purchasing.

I recently read this article on how to turn customer stories into valuable content marketing and decided it was the answer to all my testimonial wonderings.

There are some great questions in there to pose to your customer who would potentially provide a testimonial that can translate into FAQs or other online content.

By all means use what they’ve said as a testimonial, but take it further as well. Using the answers to the questions is going to powerfully speak to your prospects in their research phase by alluding to problems they may be experiencing that your product or service has resolved for someone else. By not ‘naming’ it as a testimonial (or even a case study) you are in a sense removing the bias and simply showing that you know your buyer persona extremely well.

The added bonus is that you gain more insight into your business and how to promote it – in ways you may never have considered.

So take a look at the questions they pose, ponder how you can use this for your own business and let me know what you think.

As usual, reach out and connect with me if I can help.