I have previously read articles proclaiming that with the rise of social media, email marketing is dead. I have also read many that claim it is not.

I’m on that side of the fence – email marketing to your database is still a great way to reach prospects and customers right at their desks. That is, provided your database is up to date and the contacts still relevant. But that is a topic for another post!

Tips abound for how to make your emails have the greatest impact. Here are a few that I tend to use as standard when creating emails:
– If possible, try to avoid using a generic email address as your sender. Personal is the way of marketing communications these days so enquiries@ or info@ are not a great look. And having an email that also has ‘do not reply’ is a definite no-no. Why tell your customers you don’t want to hear from them? This practice is reserved for government agencies who really don’t want to hear from you.

– You’ve heard this one before – make your subject line catchy enough to have people want to open it. What is inside your email that your recipients will not be able to resist? Use that. And with the rise of smartphones being used for reading emails you want to make it short and punchy so they see the whole thing. Aim for about 50 characters.

– Related to your subject line, here’s an oldie but a goodie – personalise it with the recipient’s name. Open rates are higher when you do this.

– In many email marketing software programs you can edit the pre-header which is the small text at the very top of your email (usually right next to ‘view this email in your browser’). Utilise this well – as it is text it will definitely show when your email is opened (unlike images) so grab the reader’s attention right away with this valuable piece of real estate.

– Again with email marketing software you can optimise your design for mobile phones. Do this. No one wants to scroll or squint to read an email – and they won’t.

– Have a call to action in your email. What do you want the reader to do? Not just read your email surely – you want to lead them somewhere, have them download something, book something, sign up for something. Trumpet your call to action early – don’t make them work to find it. Make it as easy as possible for the reader to do what you want them to.

– Don’t forget to add social shares to your email so your readers can share it with friends, colleagues and networks. Allowing them to help you increase your database is good, smart practice.

– Lastly, analyse the results. After you’ve sent the email don’t start working on the next one, have a look at your reporting over the next week or so and see what’s happening. When was the email opened? This might help you with future sending times. What links did they click on? This is going to tell you what individuals are interested in and can lead you to segment your database further for more targeted future messaging. Did you get any unsubscribes? See if they told you why. This is also going to help future messaging. Did anybody share your wealth? Enjoy that satisfied feeling!

Email marketing is still a great tool for communicating to your prospects and customers. Just make sure you’re getting the most out of it each and every time. Its insights can help your future messaging, your conversion rates and tell you more about your database than you already knew.

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