I stumbled upon this fantastic resource to share with you – 50+ Google Analytics Resources.

So many small organisations install Analytics onto their website and promptly forget about it. It is truly one of the most useful (free!) tools to tell you how your online marketing is going and you can set up goals to break down your results into individual campaigns.

It can be overwhelming because there is so much data available and it’s also important to understand what it is that you want to track – these days it’s more sophisticated than just looking at the number of people visiting your website.

Use Google Analytics to look at things like where your traffic comes from, how long they stay, which pages they look at. On your landing pages are they doing what you want them to? (use this info to refine those pages!). Which pages make people leave your site? Set up goals to see that people are taking the steps you want them to to convert a sale, add to your database, download your information, or something else. If they’re not taking that step – why not? Make changes and watch the results until it leads your visitors where you want them to go.

You can also see where your visitors come from, which browsers they use, whether a lot of traffic comes from mobile devices and whether you need to optimise your site for mobile (hint: you probably do!). You can see which websites send traffic to your site, whether your social media handles are sending traffic your way (and actioning your call to action: downloading info, buying a product, joining your database), whether your emails and online advertising are working…. the list is endless!

So enjoy these resources to help you maximise your online presence and to give you some insight into something we have talked about before – digital body language.

There is much to cover on this topic, so if you have any questions about a particular aspect of Google Analytics that you want me to write about, send me a note and I’ll do so.