Being mostly involved in B2B marketing I haven’t had much of a need for exploring Pinterest. I am interested in it, however, and found this great infographic that gave me everything I need to know in one lovely visual!

So for those who are interested in exploring it as a marketing tool here’s why you should consider it:

–    It’s inspiring – and who doesn’t want to be inspired when they’re about to spend money?
–    It’s visual – and our brains process images faster than text
–    Its popularity continues to grow while others decline
–    If your target market is females aged 25-44 this is where they are spending time
–    If you have anything to do with food, homewares or arts and crafts these are the areas that attract the most pins
–    Although it takes a couple of months before an order is placed, once it comes it’s average value is 126% higher than that of its nearest social rival, Facebook
–    It drives traffic and engagement
–    It is a leading social media site for online shopping.

So if you’re interested in Pinterest, take a look at it, search about for some case studies, insights and research on how to maximise its opportunities for your business and jump in! I’m going to….

Are you already on Pinterest? Have you got some insights to share with me? I’d love to hear them.